Let RegaloService.com Shop for You

Are you having some dilemmas in gift shopping?  Have you been looking for a unique present but just don’t know where to buy it?  Another question would be, are you too busy to go out and buy?  Well, we have the answer to that!  Let RegaloService.com do the gift shopping for you!  Allow us to source, procure, wrap and deliver that perfect gift for your families and friends.  We’ll take away all the hassle and stress of gift buying from you so that you can concentrate on things that matters most.

RegaloService.com’s Gift Shopper Service gives you the satisfaction of having your personal gift shopper.  Our service fee is very affordable.  We can be your personal shopper for a minimum of US$11 (approximately Php500) or 10% of the cost of the item, whichever is higher.

To get started, simply click this link and log-in.  If you don’t have a RegaloService.com account yet, register here and once you’ve created your account, go to the link provided above.

Just sit back, relax and we’ll do all the gift works for you.