How to be the Best Dad 101

Life is different these days because both parents are working and the challenges faced by families are tougher and more stressful.  Nowadays, fathers are not only expected to provide for the family but are also expected to share with the responsibilities at home and that includes house chores and taking care of the children.

So, with all of these things that fathers need to attend to, how can you make sure that you are still the best dad in the eyes of your children?  Allow to count the ways:

  • Spend more time with your children – You may have a lot on your plate but you have to drop them all and be present for your children.  That means being with them fully without your mind going elsewhere.  Get to know them better.  Be there when there are special occasions or when they have achievements that you’ll surely be proud of.
  • Get involved with everything – This is where sharing of responsibilities gets in.  Aside from your wife, you should also be hands-on in taking care of your children.  If they are still young, feed them, change their nappies, give them a bath, put them to bed.  If they are older, drop and pick them up from school, go with them in their extra-curricular activities like piano lessons or swimming classes.  In short, be as involved as Mom in rearing the kids.
  • Play with your kids – Aside from the obvious that it is definitely fun for the kids, did you know that when you play with your children, you help them develop emotionally and socially?  You are helping your child to strive to succeed thereby building their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Be their role model – This is a given.  Set a good example for your children and teach them valuable lessons in life.  Whatever you do, all eyes are on you.  Whatever they see in you, they’ll surely imitate someday.  So make sure that you always put your best foot forward in everything that you do.
  • Be firm in disciplining – Set rules and boundaries.  When your children crossed that boundary, be firm but kind and respectful in the way you’ll discipline them.  Talk to your wife as well to take your side and not contradict you so that you don’t give mixed signals to your children.
  • Show the kids how much you love their mom – Do not argue or fight in front of your kids.  Thank her and praise her for everything that she has done for your family.  Treat her well with much love and respect.  Work together as a team in bringing your family to greater heights.  How you treat mom has a great effect on your kids’ self-esteem.  It also has an enormous impact on how they will view and treat women in general and how they will interact with them when they grow up.
  • Take care of yourself physically – Think about your children’s future.  Do not abuse yourself physically.  Ditch those bad habits and maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.
  • Teach them good financial management – That’s right!  It is better to start while they are still young.  Teach them the value of money and how to save.  Tell them that it is not that easy to earn money so they should spend it wisely and put it into good use.

With these full-proof tips, get ready to be tagged by your children as “The World’s Best Dad.”