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Christmas 2007 Featured Products prepared a list of Christmas gift suggestions you can give to your family, friends and associates.  Visit’s Christmas page for more informationHere are some of them:

Casa Xocolat Brownies – you will not go wrong with this delightful and heavenly brownies from the Casa Xocolat.  Check out more products from’s latest Merchant Partner, Casa Xocolat.

AIPTEK UCAM  5MP Camera – for your teen bloggers who need to have every second of their exciting lives recorded and posted in their blogs. Check out more products at’s latest Merchant Partner, AIPTEK.

OWAC’s Mom its Christmas Time – check out this Christmas-themed kitchen accessories every mom would love from Oh What an A-Cake.

Watch out as more products from will be coming your way this Christmas Season.

March 2007 Featured Products

See and pick-out’s latest finds:

A.     Handcrafted Products from GKoncepts

Capiz Trash Bin – Now nobody can ever say that trash cans can’t be glamorous!  Check this new item from GKoncepts by Gawad Kalinga communities.  We have more really nice hand-crafted products from GKoncepts – order them now before we run out of stocks!

B.     Bags, Watches, Novelty Items from Chelsea

Diana Slouch Tassel Hobo Bag – People have been asking us for ladies bags – at last, we were able to find really stylish yet affordable bags from Chelsea.  If you like this look, there’s even more to choose from Chelsea’s section at

C.     Crafts from Cora Laglagaron

Samba – Wood incisions are Cora Laglagaron’s specialty.  Through this artwork, the artist pays tribute to what is unique and beautiful about the Philippines – see Ms. Laglagaron’s work at

D.     Healthy Chocolates from Xocai Chocolates

Xocai Nuggets – Chocolates as health food – amazing yet very true!  They are your ultimate dark chocolate munchies that are both yummy and healthy.  Find out more about Xocai nuggets at’s Health and Beauty Section.