Keys to Inner Joy

We all want to be happy. Unfortunately, there are so many factors around us that bog down the happiness in our lives. But you know what? When you’ve got that peace and joy within you, nothing and no one can put you down. You’ll always live a life full of happiness, contentment and appreciation. So how do you develop that inner joy? How do you shut the negativities that surrounds you? Consider the following suggestions:

Focus on the Present
Most of the time, the problem is our past. We always look back at our past accomplishments or past hurts that we forget to live in the present and move on. The key to inner joy is to live at the moment. Make the most out of your current situation. Make sure that you are doing the right thing today in preparation for a great tomorrow.

Are you struggling because you are in a difficult situation right now? Are you still in denial and cannot accept the things that are happening in your life? We say, let go. Spare yourself from the unnecessary stress of trying to control matters that you have no control of. Learn to accept things with your whole heart and start harbouring the inner peace that you deserve.

Have Faith
Why worry? Even in the bible, the Lord said that you need not worry for the clothes that you will wear or for the food that you will eat because everything will be provided for you. Let the Lord guide your life. Surrender everything to Him and have faith. Acknowledge that things don’t always go as you’ve planned. There are things that you can’t understand why it’s happening but you just have to trust the big guy up there because He knows what’s best for you.

Have an Attitude of Gratitude
Be thankful. Not just for the big things but even for the smallest blessings that are happening in your life. When you know how to acknowledge your blessings in life, you’ll never ran out of things to be thankful for and you’ll soon find yourself having that inner peace and happiness that no amount of money can buy.

Surround Yourself with Positive People
Positive people are happy people. They bring sunshine in your life. Since they see the good things all around them, they definitely see the good in you. This will make you feel good about yourself too. And when you feel good about yourself, you start to attract positive vibes in your life and develop inner joy.

Always Remember, “This too shall pass.”
If you are faced with great challenges in your life right now and you feel as if there’s no way out, don’t fret. Always remember that the world is round. Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down. The problem you are facing now will pass too and soon you’ll find yourself on top of the world again. Challenges should make us stronger and not weaker. Always hope and look at the brighter side. As they say, “there’s always a rainbow after the rain.”

Take Extra Care of Yourself
If we are neglectful of our body and we always end up getting sick, this leads to negativity and depression. So ditch the bad habits. Exercise! Eat healthy. Go on regular dental and medical check-ups. The body is the temple of our spirit. When our body is in good shape, we feel more energized, more confident and happier. We’ll feel as if we can face head on whatever challenges life throws us.

It may not be that easy to do all the things mentioned above. Go slowly but surely. And when you’ve finally got all these keys, you’ll surely unlock the gates to inner joy and peace.