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Ways to Honour Dad this Father’s Day

After showering our moms with love last Mother’s Day and showing her how important she is in our lives, it’s now our dads turn to feel how honoured we are to have him. has compiled some creative ways on how to show your dad that you honour him and that he is the hero in your life. Read on:

  • Dads work hard during the week. Treat him to a home massage or buy him a Spa gift certificate and book him an appointment for whole body massage.
  • They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Prepare a gourmet dinner for dad and set him up for a date with mom. Complete it with candle light table setting and wine. Add some jazz music to make it more romantic. You’ve hit two birds with one stone. You’ve made dad happy and mom as well.
  • Take him to an action-packed movie date with your siblings.
  • If your father is the sporty type, it’s time to get rough and play his favorite sport with him.
  • Organize a “boys night” get together. Invite your father’s close friends. It can be at the comforts of your home or some place where your dad and his friends can unwind, relax and have some good fun. Get that karaoke or poker table ready. Don’t forget the rhythms and the booze.
  • If he is the outdoorsy type, then there are plenty of activities to do. You can go biking, fishing, snorkelling, trekking, kayaking, wakeboarding or surfing! Make him experience a one-of-a-kind adventure of his life.
  • Most dads are techie and gadget crazy so go ahead and give him the latest gadgets in town.
  • Go on a professional family photo shoot and have the best photo framed to put on dad’s desk in the office.
  • For the handyman in the house, gift him with power tools like screwdrivers, power drills, jigsaw, power washer or a pocket knife. This will surely excite him to create new projects or fix anything that needs mending at home.
  • Simply sit and have a drink with dad. Talk about his childhood and bittersweet memories. Dads are fond of storytelling and reminiscing.

These are some of the ways that you can show how special your father is to you. Go on, tell your dad how much you love him and that you are very proud of him. There are definitely more ways so let your imagination and creativity do the works.

It’s Daddy’s Turn: More Ways Than 1 To Show Your Love For Dad

Father’s Day is a celebration of paternal bonds and their influence to the family and society.  It is normally celebrated on the third Sunday of June but is also celebrated in other days by other countries.  Father’s Day celebration originated in Fairmont, West Virginia on July 5,1908. It was organized by Mrs. Grace Golden Clayton to celebrate the lives of the 210 fathers who lost their lives in the Monongah Mining Disaster in Monongah, West Virginia.

Now that you have a little idea of the origins of Father’s Day, let give you some ways on how to show your love, respect and appreciation to the very 1st hero in your life – your Dad.  This June 17, 2012, exert extra effort and make Dad’s day memorable.  Read on:

  • Prepare him a healthy and hearty breakfast – Dads are always on the go and most of the time, they are not able to eat proper breakfast as they are usually in a hurry to go to work.  This Father’s Day, whip up a delicious breakfast for Dad.  Match it with his favorite drink, dessert and a copy of Sunday newspaper to update him of current events.
  • Make a personalized card – Do you have a treasured photo of you and your Dad?  Then head on to the digital imaging shop and create that personalized card.  Write down your heart warming message for Dad.
  • Buy him a memorable gift – Your thoughtfulness will always count.  Buy Dad a gift that will make him feel extra special.  Check out’s Father’s Day section and click away.
  • Go ahead and wash Dad’s car – Let him save on car wash fee and make his car sparkling clean. You can surprise him further by putting your gift on the driver seat.  We bet this will surely put a big smile on his face.
  • Do activities that only Dad’s love – There are a lot of activities that only you and Dad can do.  You can go out on an action packed movie date with him; play basketball or watch a live basketball game; go fishing, golfing, camping or bowling.  What’s important is you spent time with him and let him do the things he love most.
  • Compile Dad’s favorite songs – I bet you heard all his favorite songs.  Why not compile the best ones and burn it in a CD.  Create a customized CD label.  Aside from the list of songs, include your most treasured photo and add a dedication.
  • Book him to a special spa service – There are a number of salons that offer Father’s Day packages.  This may include massage, facial and grooming services.  He’ll definitely feel good, relaxed and refreshed afterwards.
  • Organize a “Fathers” get together –  Invite all the fathers, grandpas and fathers-to-be in your family and in your neighbourhood and set up your home for a grand fathers’ gathering.  Buy food and drinks; set up the videoke; put out that poker table and host the fun Fathers day.

To top it all, the best inexpensive gift that you can give to Dad is your biggest and warmest hugs and kisses and end it by telling him how much you love and admire him for all the things he has done for you.