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Ways to Honour Dad this Father’s Day

After showering our moms with love last Mother’s Day and showing her how important she is in our lives, it’s now our dads turn to feel how honoured we are to have him. has compiled some creative ways on how to show your dad that you honour him and that he is the hero in your life. Read on:

  • Dads work hard during the week. Treat him to a home massage or buy him a Spa gift certificate and book him an appointment for whole body massage.
  • They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Prepare a gourmet dinner for dad and set him up for a date with mom. Complete it with candle light table setting and wine. Add some jazz music to make it more romantic. You’ve hit two birds with one stone. You’ve made dad happy and mom as well.
  • Take him to an action-packed movie date with your siblings.
  • If your father is the sporty type, it’s time to get rough and play his favorite sport with him.
  • Organize a “boys night” get together. Invite your father’s close friends. It can be at the comforts of your home or some place where your dad and his friends can unwind, relax and have some good fun. Get that karaoke or poker table ready. Don’t forget the rhythms and the booze.
  • If he is the outdoorsy type, then there are plenty of activities to do. You can go biking, fishing, snorkelling, trekking, kayaking, wakeboarding or surfing! Make him experience a one-of-a-kind adventure of his life.
  • Most dads are techie and gadget crazy so go ahead and give him the latest gadgets in town.
  • Go on a professional family photo shoot and have the best photo framed to put on dad’s desk in the office.
  • For the handyman in the house, gift him with power tools like screwdrivers, power drills, jigsaw, power washer or a pocket knife. This will surely excite him to create new projects or fix anything that needs mending at home.
  • Simply sit and have a drink with dad. Talk about his childhood and bittersweet memories. Dads are fond of storytelling and reminiscing.

These are some of the ways that you can show how special your father is to you. Go on, tell your dad how much you love him and that you are very proud of him. There are definitely more ways so let your imagination and creativity do the works.

All Occasion Gift Suggestions

Is there a birthday? An anniversary? A promotion? A new addition to the family? Whatever the occasion is, has the right gift for you and your loved ones. Check out our gift suggestions for the month of July 2013:

Activate Titanium His & Hers Rings by Silverworks

Seal your vow and union with these Chemistry Tungsten rings.


Dining Set Storage Basket by GK Concepts

Perfect storage basket for that precious dining set.



Jewelry Box Clock by Chelsea

Teach your kids how to store their valuable possessions while still young.



Hotdog Waffle Maker by American Heritage

Kids’ all-time favorite snack can be easily made at home with this waffle maker.



Tulips in Bloom Painting by Mita Dimalanta

A classy way to decorate your humble abode.


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Gift Shopping for Baby

Attending a baby shower? Is your niece’s baptism just around the corner? Or didn’t your best friend just give birth? So what do you plan to bring for mankind’s latest addition?

With so many choices offered by numerous stores (online or otherwise), it is plain easy to pick and purchase whatever gift item you see first or that which is in vogue. But realizing how special the new baby is to your family or friend, it becomes appropriate that whatever you give should also be something special and of value to both you as the giver and the baby and his or her family as the receiver. If you really want to put some loving thoughts into your gift, then you may want to take note of some baby essentials mentioned below:

Baby’s Wardrobe

  • Buy one that is one size bigger. Children eventually fill out the larger sizes.
  • Remember the season of the year. Jackets and raincoats are for cold and rainy days while tees and sandos are for summer.
  • Comfort first before fashion. Your future fashionistas will surely prefer wearing clothes that may not be color coordinated as long as they are comfortable and warm.
  • Look for clothes that are “easy-to-wear”. For newborns, the best are onesies that open in the front with poppers on the sides.
  • Hats, booties, and socks are a must and so are washable bibs.

Baby’s Linens

  • Hooded terry-cloth towels are best after babies take their bath.
  • Lots of cloth diapers. Despite the advent of disposable diapers, cloth diapers always come in handy and can used for a variety of purposes.

Baby’s Grooming Accessories

  • Baby soap, bath liquid and shampoo are first on the list. However, be sure to read the labels to know how safe they are for babies.
  • Baby nail scissors and clippers. So you avoid getting those small scratches here and there and everywhere.
  • Baby brush and comb. Avoid bad hair days even for babies.

Baby’s Nursery Accessories.

  • Baby’s Cot. Aside from the look and comfort, always check the labels for assurances that safety standards have been met.
  • BabyBath. Babies are delicate to handle so when giving them a bath, a well-designed and good quality baby bath can help mommies perform this task with ease. A baby bath with a design that follows a baby’s body-contour and one that will prevent babies from slipping and sliding while under water is most recommended.
  • Baby monitor. Whether it be audio or audio-video monitor, this gadget allows parents the freedom to move around the house while their babies sleep or play inside the pen.
  • Night-light. It is certain that parents of newborn babies will get in and out of bed in the middle of the night to look after the needs of beloved. A night-light is definitely a big help in providing enough illumination to get up and feed the hungry crying babies and then get back to bed to continue that much needed sleep.

Baby’s Travel Accessories.

  • Pushchair and/or Pram. You may consider the convertible pram-pushchair. It can be reclined to make for a flat surface and work as pram for the newborn. When the baby gets bigger, the seat can be put into an upright position for that delightful stroll in the park.
  • Child Car Seat. A definite must-buy for the safety of your treasured babies.
  • Changing Bag. Choose one that is pretty but sturdy as it will surely be brought to so many places in so many types of conditions. It must have a separate insulated bottle holding area (to keep the milk warm), bear multiple compartments (to segregate the food, fresh and soiled diapers, clean and used clothing, etc.), and a detachable changing pad (for easy diaper change).

Shopping for the needs of those cute babies can be exciting and tiring at the same time. But definitely, it’s worth it once you see that lovely smile from the baby and the warm “thank you” from the parents who gladly accept your present.