How to Make Your Graduation Day Memorable

Graduation day is the most anticipated day for all students.  If you are a graduating student, it is a time to celebrate your academic achievement.  With all the requirements you need to accomplish, preparations you need to do and rehearsals you need to attend, sometimes the day itself becomes taxing that you forget how meaningful it is and overlook how to make the day more special.

Here are some tips on how to make your graduation day out of the ordinary:

  • Be at your best – Make sure that you are all glammed-up for the occasion.  Wear that chic and sleek outfit but don’t overdo it.  For girls, put on simple yet elegant make-up and accessories.  Bring out all the confidence you’ve got! Go up that stage with your head held up high and smile written all over your face.  Nothing beats a graduate who goes up the stage beaming with pride.
  • Give a unique keepsake to your friends – Create a photo book and bring back your memories to life.  Include your barkada photos.  Scan game, movie or concert tickets you attended. Scan letters or stories you shared with each other.  Put in a picture of your favorite hangout and other things that will remind you of your special friendship.
  • Send a thank you note or gift to your teachers – Your teachers have been very instrumental to your success.  Why not make a card with your picture in it and tell them how you appreciate the things they’ve done and how they’ve touched your life?
  • Publicize your graduation in print – Newspapers have a social section where you can announce birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.  It normally includes a picture and basic details about the event.  Announcing your graduation in this section would make your achievement more memorable.    Make sure to buy several copies so that you can also give it out to your loved ones.
  • Throw a graduation party – It’s always nice to celebrate successes with your loved ones.  So go ahead and throw a party and invite your relatives and friends.  You can do it at home, in a hotel or restaurant depending on your budget.  But whatever it is, it’s the celebration that matters and not the grandeur of it all.

There you go!  These tips will definitely give an extra boost to your graduation day.  By the way, remember to bring out those cameras and take a lot of pictures and videos to document one of the best moments in your life.