New Merchant Partner – Wellness PRO is happy to have in its roster of Merchant Partners Wellness PRO.  Wellness PRO specializes in gadgets that helps monitor and maintain a person’s wellness.  Their products are a must in every family.  Here are just some of their products available at


SECA SENSA 804 Weighing Scale

The chromed electrodes alone show what the scale can do. In addition to measuring weight, it can guage body fat and body water. Stylish, sleek, you’d be motivated to go weigh yourself even if you know you have to work on your weight some more.  Check out other attractive yet durable weighing scale models at Wellness PRO.

UB-328 Value Wrist Monitor

This compact unit promises blood pressure measurements anywhere, anytime. Easy-to-read 3-line display shows all the values, systolic, diastolic and pulse simultaneously.  Check out more blood pressure monitoring device at our Wellness PRO page.


Here’s a perfect gift for the serious dieter.  A diet food scale and a bowl – a dieter’s perfect combination – particularly when the bowl is a perfect fit for the scale. After the scale is used, it can be stored in the bowl.  Check out more health gadgets at Wellness PRO page.