Low Key Christmas Celebration Ideas

The whole country is mourning for the tragedy that struck our fellowmen in the Visayas region. We cannot comprehend why this is happening but as they say, things always happen for a reason. We only have trust God and hope for the better. This Christmas, let us think of all the victims of the Typhoon Yolanda. Let us sympathize by offering prayers and the Christmas masses to them. Most importantly, let us celebrate Christmas without the glitz and glamour. Let us keep it to the bare minimum and instead share our blessings to our kababayans who are at a loss right now.

Here are some ideas on how to transform your Christmas parties and celebrate Christmas meaningfully and conservatively. All funds that will be saved or generated out of these activities can be donated to Typhoon Yolanda victims:

• Instead of holding your party in a hotel or a posh restaurant, have it in your office if it’s a corporate party or have it in a friend or relative’s home if it’s a family gathering. Opt for a simple catering or have a pot luck.

• Companies can sponsor a concert for a cause. Proceeds from ticket sales can be donated.

• Organize a food stall. You can bake cakes and pastries or sell hotdogs or whatever you think will be a hit to the community. Sales from the food stall can again be sent to charity.

• Within your families and friends, agree that instead of giving gifts to each other, pool your funds together and donate it.

• Instead of holding a party, agree on a day, go together and become volunteers in packing relief goods. There are a lot of agencies right now looking for volunteers for their various aid missions.

• Organize a charity bazaar. Sell your second-hand items and donate the proceeds.

These are just some ideas that can help you tone down your Christmas celebrations. We are sure that you can think of more ways to celebrate simply. However you want to do it, just always think of our fellowmen who badly needs your help. Let us try to erase their tears and put a smile on their faces. Let us give them hope and let them feel that they are loved.