Our New Merchant Partner – Michi Calica Fresh Flowers

We are proud to have on board at RegaloService.com, Michi Calica Fresh Flowers! Michi Calica is a celebrated wedding gown designer. Countless brides have turned to her for exquisite and elegant wedding apparel needs.

Michi Calica is synonymous to her signature style: up-to-the-minute without being shallow; pretty without being cloying; glamorous without being intimdating. In 2008, she started to take her creativity from designing wedding gowns to designing floral bouquets. And that was the start of something colourful. She and business partner, Steph Camus are now the proud owners of Michi Calica Fresh Flowers.

Check out all their floral creations for every occasion at http://www.regaloservice.com/shop/home.php?cat=2790.