A Tribute to Mothers by Ms. Mita Dimalanta

A mother is the heart of every home, the soul that introduces her spouse & children to God, the spirit that stirs emotions, with the faith that moves mountains. She is the bond that unites the family, the bridge of otherwise irreconcilable differences, the keeper of peace.  A source of inexhaustible, unconditional love, she readily forgives, when you say you’re sorry. Accepting you for who you are wholeheartedly, whatever you do, you will always be her most beautiful daughter or handsome son, inside & out.

With an understanding look, she smiles & knowingly respects your silence.

Her gentle hand over your shoulder gives courage as you go along life’s journey

With her comforting presence, she eases the pain of a set back

Mothers intensify the triumph of a dream fulfilled, increase the joy of a goal attained

As you remember your mother, being with her through all the seasons of your life, the tears & laughter, remember loving her and being loved.

Tell your mother how much you love & appreciate her for all her sacrifices, for the person she has molded you to be. Warm her nurturing heart with memories and stories of the past when you, your family & friends experienced her goodness. Thank her for the sumptuous meals she prepared, the countless times she helped you rise after each fall, the prayers she stormed heaven with when you needed healing, sleepless nights she spent waiting up for you. Let your mother bask in the sunshine of your love. To the one who has given you the gift of life, give her the gift of your time, your self & remember her in a special way. Celebrate Mother’s Day this May!