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Join the Make It Memorable Valentine’s Photo Contest

To celebrate the LOVE month, is giving away 3 fabulous prizes to 3 couples and make their Valentine’s Day even more special. Simply“Like” our Facebook Page for the mechanics and other details!

No purchase is necessary so joining is as easy as 1-2-3.  The contest opens today, January 13, 2012 and ends on February 13, 2012. Winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012.

Go ahead! Search for your most romantic photo now and submit your entry to us! Remember to share this good news to your friends too!

True Friends Referral Promo

It is only with true friends that we share our well-kept “secrets” --  beauty secret, our most effective diet regimen, that well-kept corner car repair shop, or the best bargains in town….Nope, we don’t just talk about them to strangers and risk sharing what only a few of us “know”.

It is only with true friends that we share our personal stuff like clothes (underwear not included  please), our latest gadgets, even our cars…We trust them enough that they will take care of our belongings just like we do.  It is in the sharing of “secrets”, personal stuff and the like that allows a friendship to flourish and strengthen.  There are definite benefits when we share what are special to us to our true friends.

Thus, don’t you think it is about time that all of us share what we know about and earn points equivalent to Gift Certificates? Yes, be a true friend and reap the benefits!

Below is the mechanics for the True Friends Referral Promo.  Refer your true friends now and win Gift Certificates from!


 A.                Eligible to Join

1.      All REGISTERED SUBSCRIBERS of as of  September 30, 2007 are eligible to join the pro

2.      Employees and staff of Redwood Internet Business, Inc, PDB SME Solutions and JMaret Publicity are disqualified to join the promo.

B.                 Referral Mechanics

1.      The registered subscriber will log-on to and go to the lower box for the “Refer-a-Friend” Section.

2.      The registered subscriber will be asked to log-in.

3.      After successfully logging-in, the Registered Subscriber will be brought to the referral page.

4.      On the referral page, the Registered Subscriber will be shown the mechanics of the promo and he/she will be asked to click the “Agree” portion.  After clicking the “Agree” portion, he/she will indicate in the boxes provided his/her friends’ name/s and e-mail address/es.

5.      After the Registered Subscriber has properly made his/her referral in accordance with the terms and conditions of the promo, will automatically send the Registered Subscriber an “Acknowledgement” e-mail stating that:

a. has received his/her referral/s;

b. will validate said referral/s; and

c. will inform him/her of the referrals’ validation on the period provided below.

6.      The following conditions should be met for a referral to be valid:

a.      Referred person is not fictitious and is personally known to the referring Registered Subscriber;

b.      Complete and valid e-mail address of referred person;

c.       Complete and valid full name, home or office address of referred person;

d.      Not an existing subscriber; and

e.       Referred friend has indicated the Referring Subscriber’s name in the “How did you get to know about” portion.

7.      It is understood that RIB, Inc (owners of, it’s directors, officers and employees shall not be liable in any manner to any third party for any fault that may arise as a result of a defect, malfunction and/or problem in the computer connection, electronic system and/or operation and maintenance of RIB, Inc.’s website by its web host/developer.

C.                Prize

1.      Each valid referral is equivalent to 1 point

2.      To earn Gift Certificates through your points, you should accumulate the following points:

5   points = US$ 5.00 worth of Gift Certificate

20 points = US$10.00 worth of Gift Certificate

30 points = US$15.00 worth of Gift Certificate

40 pts and more  = US$20.00 worth of Gift Certificate

3.        An accumulated total of at least 40 points or 40 valid referrals and more by a Registered Subscriber shall enable him/her to a maximum prize of US$20.00 worth of Gift Certificate from

D.                Promo Period

1.      Promo will start on October 1, 2007 and end on October 31, 2007.

2.      Referral validations will start on October 1, 2007 and end on November 17, 2007.

3.      Points earned will announced by November 18, 2007 via individual e-mails to participants.

4.      Gift Certificates will be released to successful Registered Subscribers by December 1, 2007.

E.                 Processing of Referrals

1.      After receiving the referral from the Registered Subscriber, will send an e-mail to the referred friend to inform him/her that he/she was referred by a friend to sign-up at  The referring Registered Subscriber will also be given a copy of the e-mail.

2.      If the referred friend decides to sign-up, he/she will only click a link to the registration section and will be asked to indicate the following:

a.      The standard information required by registration.

b.      In the “How did you learn of” portion, the referred friend should check “Friend” and indicate the referring Registered Subscriber’s complete name in the box next to it.

3. will validate the registration made by the referred friend by:

a.      Sending him/her an e-mail, and

b.      Sending him/her a snail-mail or contacting him/her via phone.

Don’t waste a minute!  Refer your True Friends now!