10 Hot Tips for a Sizzling Hassle-Free Valentine’s Day

(We are republishing our 2007 Valentine’s Feature Article due to numerous requests and  as a way to celebrate RegaloService Notes E-Zine’s First Year Anniversary)

Preparations for Valentine’s Day celebration can be stressful especially for those who are “amateurs” in this game of love and courtship.  To ensure that you have a fun-filled memorable Valentine’s Day Celebration with your special someone, just follow these sure-fire tips:

1.      For the Gentlemen:  If you are planning to eat out or go out of town, be sure to make early reservations as in at least 2 weeks ahead of time.  Well-known restaurants and resorts are usually fully-booked this time of year.  It would be such a party-spoiler if your date is already cross-eyed with hunger because you can’t find a seat in any restaurant.

2.      For the Gentlemen (and ladies too):  Be sure to order your roses also 2 weeks ahead of time especially if you like to give a flower arrangement.  As orders get to be voluminous on Valentines, most flower shops only accept orders before February 12 so make sure you book your orders early.  (Note:  www.RegaloService.com will accept orders for floral arrangements until February 12, 2008.  After February 12, we can only accept bouquet arrangements.)

3.      For the Gentlemen:  Be sure your date knows she’s your date on Valentine’s Day.  I know this may sound silly, but never assume.

4.      For whoever is going to bring the car:  Have your car checked at least a week before Valentine’s Day.  Your date might walkout on you if you ask him/her to push your stalled car for you.  On the otherhand, if this happens and your date did push your car for you and he/she is still smiling after, then he/she must be it!

5.      For the Gentlemen:  Have an itinerary.  For example, you can have cocktails first, then dinner, then theater or bar, then maybe have a cup of coffee at a cozy café after.  After having an itinerary, be sure to undertake Rule 1 when you have decided on what places to go to.  TIP:  The itinerary isn’t cast in stone.  Be sensitive to what your date wants to do and go.  The important thing is for you to have a plan.

6.      For both the Ladies and Gentlemen:  It would be very romantic if you give your date a little something every time you get to the next itinerary.  They don’t have to be expensive items – just to make your date a little more special than your usual dates.

7.      This goes for both the gentlemen and the ladies – be sure to arrange your schedule at the office so you won’t be late for your date.    Ladies be sure you are ready at the appointed time because you can’t be late for your restaurant reservation.  It is easy to lose your table on days like these.

8.      For both the Gentlemen and the Ladies:  Dress yourself up in a more special way on Valentine’s Day.  Of course, you don’t have to wear red, but it would be a nice touch if you show your date that you prepared for this date because he/she is special to you.

9.      Be yourself.  Just enjoy the moment.

10.  Know your limitations:  in terms of finances- you don’t have to max out your credit card just to impress your date.  What is important is that you have shown an effort that you tried to make this day special for her/him.  In terms of emotions, you know where you should not go and what not to do if you’re not yet married.  This is the day to enjoy the company of your special someone.  This not the day to lose your head, more importantly, not yourself.