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June 2007 Featured Products

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For the Fathers of the Bride and Groom

Weddings are always big occasions no matter what size the budget is.  Whatever culture it may be, it is always that a wedding is something worth celebrating.  It is a rite of passage for the engaged couple and for the parents of the Bride and the Groom.  That is why there is always a big fuss be it in the family or the community, whenever preparation for a wedding takes place.  In most Filipino families, it is the bride and the groom who make the final decision on their wedding arrangements but their mothers are there to support and lend guidance. However, it seems that the Fathers are most of the time left out in the preparation and they only become “relavant” when there are bills to settle, virtually making them the “living ATM machines” of their respective families.

So what does a father do once a son goes to him and says he’s getting married?  So what is a father to do once a daughter hugs him, shows him a ring and asks for him to help in the wedding expenses?  What is exactly the role of the Fathers of the Bride and Groom before, during and after the wedding (aside from being the ATM machine of the family)?

Pre-Wedding Planning

More often than not, the financial side of the wedding falls on the Father whether it be the Bride’s side or the Groom’s side.  Without good planning and some temperance, the family resources can really be jeopardized.  Thus, here are some tips dads may want to consider during the planning stage:

  • Be clear on your budget.  If you are requested to share in the expenses, then keep in mind that this is an important event in your family but do not lose your head and get your house mortgaged.  Just be clear with your child how much your budget is and where would you want it spent if you have a preference on where you want your money spent (e.g. reception, church, flowers, etc.).  This manages expectations and also aids the engaged couple in setting their wedding plans.
  • Offer alternatives.  You don’t have to give plain cash all the time.  Instead, you may offer to shoulder just the cost of the honeymoon or maybe give them a slightly used car or a house if you can afford it.

On the Wedding Day

Fathers of the bride and groom play an important role on the wedding day itself.  To avoid getting lost in all the frenzy, here are some of the more important things to mull over:

  • Most weddings still have the tradition of the fathers “handing over” their daughters as brides to their grooms to show their approval of the occasion.  If you are the bride’s father, and you agreed to take part in the ceremony but may have some slight reservations towards the groom, well, this is not the time to show it.  The “handing over”, no matter how dreadful it is to you, should be done graciously.
  • At the reception, be ready to give a toast or say something warm and refreshing and memorable to the couple.  As such, it is good to be guided by the following tips:
  1. Be prepared.  Know that you will be asked to speak one way or the other so craft your speech well in advance.
  2. Speak from the heart.  After all this is a family affair so avoid being cold and stiff.  Speak warmly and sincerely.
  3. Make it short but meaningful.  To give a mouthful would be inappropriate.  It would be good nevertheless, to say something really personal and meaningful to the couple.
  4. To toast is not to roast, but to honor.  Avoid saying something embarrassing.  This is not the time to spill-out the family’s “dark” secrets.  Keep in mind that you are making a toast to honor the couple, so say something valuable and worthwhile, if not heart-rending.
  5. Be a perfect gentleman.  Make eye contact with the couple and guests as you speak.  Raise your glass, say your piece, and take a sip (don’t drink it up!) at the end of the toast.
  • Recall your dance steps as you will be expected to dance and lead the guests to dance during the reception.  Practice dancing with your wife and your daughter, if she is the bride to be, long before the wedding occasion and relive those almost forgotten sways, twists and turns.

Weddings can be challenging times for fathers – emotionally, financially, even physically, what with all the dance steps they have to remember.  Plus, they are expected to keep their feelings in check. Such big roles they have to take – and yet, sometimes we get to overlook them. And so on this month of Weddings and Fathers, we honor you, the Fathers of the Bride and Groom!

Practical Tips to Creating a Gift Registry

What is the relevance of a Gift Registry?   Isn’t it quite embarrassing to tell your family, friends or guests what you want to receive from them?  Is it just a waste of time because at the end of it all, these items would just pile up in your attic or storage room?

Although a gift registry appears like an attempt to shop on other people’s money, keep in mind that the main purpose of creating one is to make it easy for your family, friends or guests to know what you desire by giving them a list of your wishes.  You relieve them of the burden of thinking of whether you like their gifts or not or will their gifts be simply added to your stock of “recyclable gifts”.  Thing is, you are the one who chose the items so whether you like what you received or not – it is your doing!  Plus, if you register online, you also free them from the trouble of going to the department store to buy you your gifts.  You are actually giving them a convenient option to fulfill that need to give you something on your special day.  So go ahead, create your own Gift Registry and let your wishes come to life.

However, creating and managing a Gift Registry is not really all “trigger-happy-shopping-fun”.   A Gift Registry’s usefulness depends largely on the person who has created it.  If no thought process was made before creating one and the basis of choosing the items is just on “feel” and “instinct”, then most likely, you’ll receive items you really do not have need of.  And remember, there is nobody else who is to blame this time but yourself! Thus, when creating your Gift Registry, keep in mind what somebody once said “Look at the things that you need, treat yourself to things you might not need, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.”  Aside from a thoughtful item selection, it is also important to let your family, friends and guests know about your Gift Registry.  If you do not mention anything about your Gift Registry, then how in the world can your family, friends and guests know about it?  Your Wish List will remain to be wishful thinking.

To make the most out of your Gift Registry, here are some tips when setting-up one:

  • Register Early – Choose and find the shops your want and register in advance.  This will give your family, friends and guests ample time to decide what to buy or pool their monies together for big ticket items.  Your gift registry can be their guide as well for other related pre-event get togethers like Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Engagement Parties, etc.
  • Register with two or three different registries – Register in both in-store and on-line shops.  This will give your guests the choice of whether to buy from either brick-and-mortar shops or virtual shops, whichever is more convenient to them.  Again, this is about making it easy for those wanting to give you something.
  • Think through your needs and wants – Before clicking it away on an online catalog or strolling along the department store aisles, sit down first and think through what are the things you need, things that you like, what your lifestyle is, or if you have a theme that you’d like to follow.  This will give your proper direction on the items you are going to choose.
  • For Wedding and Baptismal Registries, pick things as a couple – Discuss with your partner what items you need for your home, for your Nursery, etc.
  • Welcome suggestions – Ask for recommendations from family, friends, family, co-workers or the shop where you are registered.  Though in the end, the decision is for you to make, it doesn’t do any harm to find out other peoples’ experiences on a given product or brand.
  • Register items that fit every budget – Remember that you are just making a Wish List and people are not obliged to buy the most expensive ones.  They can pick and choose whatever items fit their budget.  That is why it is important that you have lower priced items.  Then update your Gift Registry every now and then. Don’t be embarrassed to include pricey items as there are times when friends pool their money to buy you that expensive gift.
  • Consider your country or family’s gift-giving culture for a given occasion – It may not be appropriate in your culture to ask for high ticket items during birthdays while it is completely acceptable in other occasions.  So as not to offend the sensibilities of other people, it is best to go with the general culture of your country or family.
  • Create a long list (again covering all the price ranges) – This makes it easier for people to choose items for you at prices that meet their budget.
  • Courtesy goes a long way – Don’t forget to send “Thank You” notes to your gift-givers. This should be sent not more than two weeks after you receive their gifts.
  • Tell your family and friends about your gift registry – Of course, it has to be done in a very subtle and refined way.  Gifts are not the main consideration of any celebration; they are just a way for family and friends to show you that they share in your joy.  When people ask if you are “registered” then mention it to them.  You can also ask close relatives or friends to spread the news to other relatives and friends.

Remember that gifts are just the incidentals in any celebration. So just have fun and stay cool when creating your Gift Registry. Always keep in mind that the most important part of any celebration is not the gifts that you will receive but that you have family and friends to share your joy with.  Ciao!