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Gift Suggestions for Christmas 2011 has gifts for all occasions.  This season, browse through our Christmas section and you might find that special gift that you are looking for.  You might also want to take a look at the following holiday gift suggestions:

Terry Selection Gift Baskets

Terry Selection is known for their Gourmet food.  Their gift baskets contain special European products that will make your Noche Buena defy the ordinary.  These are also great as gifts to your food enthusiast friends.  The goodies are all nicely arranged in a rattan basket and elegantly wrapped in sinamay with ribbon and card.  Check it out now.

Bizu Cakes and Party Foods

Every Christmas feast includes roasts and sweets.  Choose from Bizu’s Roast Pork, Beef or Turkey and wide array of delectable cakes and pastries.

Deinar’s Religious Ornaments

It’s good to be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas and that is the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Why not have this Baby Jesus image in your home or give it to your kith and kin?  Other religious items are also available.

Jesuit Communications

Get enchanted and tune in to the season’s gleeful hymns and carols.  Pop-in those Jesuit Communications Christmas CDs or strum that guitar and follow the notes in their Pasko Na Song Book and Choral Arrangement. Give it as a gift and make someone’s Christmas merry and bright.

Giving From The Heart

It’s that magical time of the year once again and everyone’s so preoccupied with buying Christmas gifts for their family, relatives and friends.  Sometimes, buying gifts that will be appreciated by each one becomes a stressful and daunting task that it diminishes the real value of Christmas and of gift giving.

We all have to remember that giving presents on this holiday season is being done to honour the 3 Wise Men who gave gifts to Baby Jesus when He was born.  As you know, these men gave Jesus not just ordinary gifts but special ones in the form of gold, incense and myrrh.  So if you’ll relate it to our times, we should also make our gifts special for our loved ones.  But are we constrained to just sharing our blessings with our loved ones?  Have we thought of our less fortunate brothers and sisters who need our attention and appreciation too?

This Christmas, why not change some of your gift giving traditions and take a look at charitable, unconditional giving without expecting anything in return?  When you give unconditionally to people in need, you’ll feel a sense of fulfilment that no amount of money can provide.  When you give from the heart and realize how blessed you are, you’ll start to look at your life in a better and more vibrant perspective.  Suddenly, you appreciate all that you have and you want to share these blessings with others who are experiencing poverty in their lives.

So, here is a guide on how to make your Christmas 2011 more meaningful and memorable:

 Send a Noche Buena gift pack to a family in need through World Vision. 

Based on the recent SWS survey, there are 4 million families who are experiencing hunger regularly.  Families live on a Php42.00 budget per day so imagine how can these families prepare for a Christmas Eve meal?  This Christmas, World Vision aims to give Noche Buena gift packs to 34,000 families in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.  Your donation of Php1,000 will be able to send 2 gift packs to 2 families in the province of your choice.  To learn more on how to donate to this initiative, you can visit this link:

Organize a Virlanie Christmas Party

Special events can give a smile on the faces of Virlanie’s street children.  These children long for love, care and attention.   You can spend some time with them by organizing a Christmas Party complete with food, games and goodies.  Call your relatives and friends, plan for the big day and celebrate Christmas in a different way.  You can start by getting in touch with Ms. Maren Pascual  via email or call (+632) 8953460.

Be a Champion for Children through Unicef

We know that majority of poor children in the Philippines have limited access to education, healthcare, good nutrition and protection.  If you want to help in changing the future of the Filipino children and let them have a decent and normal life, then be a Champion for Children.  Your Php500 or Php600 regular monthly contribution can either provide education with basic school supplies or medical treatments, respectively.  To know more about this program, click here.

Volunteer and be part of Team GK

If you think that you can help better not by donating funds but by volunteering and giving acts of service, then why not become a part of Team Gawad Kalinga?  By committing at least 4 hours per month, you can directly participate in implementing GK programs and activities, do advocacy work or share your talents and skills. For more information on how to be a volunteer, visit this link:

Better yet, why not start a fund raising project with your friends and relatives and support your own community?

Of course, there are many more ways on how to give from the heart.  The Web has tons to offer! So do that mouse-clicking and searching now to find your best charitable undertaking.

New Merchant – Fruits in Ice Cream

We’re happy to have on board our new partner, Fruits in Ice Cream.  They pack their ice creams with a whole glass of milk with each scoop and real fresh fruit bits making it oh so creamy and delicious.  Choose from their line of Premium, Gourmet or Lite ice creams.

We know that sweets or desserts are part of every Filipino celebration.  This Christmas, trade the usual leche flan, ube or fruit salad with FIC’s special ice creams.  Take advantage of their special offer exclusively in  This Noche Buena,  order the 4+1 Barkada Package or 7+2 Party Package.