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Featured Products – New Year for a New You

Now that we need to start anew this Year of the Dragon, we’ve got some cool stuff that will help you to organize your life and become a better and healthier person.  Take a look at these featured products for the New Year:

Author’s Avenue Journals

Need to write down your new year’s resolutions? How about making your personal plan and schedules for 2012? Let Author’s Avenue make your jotting and planning a breeze with their cool and stylish journals.

The Spa Detoxifying Body Wrap

With all the calories and fats you’ve gained through the festive gathering, not to mention body exhaustion, it’s time to relax and detoxify.  Here’s a soothing 90-minute body wrap treat from The Spa.  So what’s the better way to start the New Year? A new and detoxified you!

WOW GL Gastro Pro

All those delectable food that you’ve consumed this holiday season can really take a toll on your tummy.  So to keep those intestinal gas, acid and spasms away, make sure you take WOW’s GL Gastro Pro. It contains the mushroom variety, Ganoderma Lucidum to promote healthy digestion.

WOW Nutri Rx Banaba

This Banaba food supplement is known to have therapeutic properties which promote overall well-being. It is known to help control diabetes and obesity, regulates blood pressure, cleanses the urinary tract and also aids in good digestion.

New Year Means New Beginning

The month of January was named after Janus, the god of gates, doors and beginnings and the 1st day of the said month was dedicated to him.   Janus had two faces, one looking forward and the other looking backward.  This only means that in your life, you should pause for a while to reflect on what has happened in the year that passed and look forward to what’s in-store for you in the New Year.

So what can you do to start anew and be revitalized this Year of the Dragon?  Read on:

  • Sit quietly and think about all the struggles and hurts you’ve gone through in the past year.  How has these experiences formed you? What did it do to your relationships? If you were able to overcome all these, then give yourself a pat for doing a great job and tell yourself to have the same or better resiliency next year.  If not, then it’s time for you to release all these negativities and imbibe all the positive energies of the New Year.  Forgive, forget and heal.
  • Once you’ve released the negative aspects of your life, it’s time to write down all the blessings you received from the Lord.  Remember to count as many blessings as you can.  Even the simplest one can make a big difference in your outlook in life.  When you realize that you are indeed blessed, you’ll be more optimistic and you’ll be a happier person.  This attitude will invite more blessings for you in the coming year.
  • Now that you’ve somehow created balance in the forces of your life, it’s time to make your New Year’s resolution and strive to accomplish it.  You might want to include the following goals in your list:
  1. Change in attitude – be optimistic rather than pessimistic, be independent, manage time properly.
  2. Improve health and well-being – quit the vices, eat healthy food, sleep early, exercise regularly.
  3. Improve career – pursue higher education, get involved in complex projects, have better relationships with bosses and co-workers.
  4. Augment finances – allot savings monthly, get insurance, consider other types of investments
  5. Have social responsibility – give donations, participate in outreach programs, visit the sick or the prisoners
  6. Explore the world – travel either out of town or out of the country.

Once you’ve taken these simple steps, we are very sure that you will have the vigor that will propel you to greater heights in the Year of the Dragon.

Now, we have the right to say, Happy New Year to a New You!

New Merchant – World of Wellness

We’ve got a new merchant in the house! Please welcome Cory Quirino’s World of Wellness (WOW).

WOW can definitely help you get back in shape, erase the age away and help you look and feel better.

Their products are sourced locally and use the best ingredients from the Philippines.  They’ve got Juice Power, Premium Health Boosters, Herbal Power, Mushroom Power, Organic Wines, Whitening, Healthy Hair, Age-Defying Line, Skin Pampering Line, Beauty Soaps, Skin Rx Line, Health Protect, and Crystals – all at affordable prices.

This 2012, why not aim for a healthier lifestyle?  Go ahead, visit the World of Wellness Page at and start creating a healthy and glowing you!