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Memorable Gifts for Mom

We know that a mother is the light of the home.  Through her light, the home is filled with love and happiness.  Once again, it is time to remember your dear Mom and make her feel special for all the things she has done for you and your family.  Check out’s gift suggestions this Mother’s Day:

Business Card Holder by Author’s Avenue

Always be ready to seal a deal.  Bring your calling cards with style through this card holder.

Keep It Together by Frannie Daez

The perfect bible for working moms.

Checkbook Holder by Author’s Avenue

Issue your checks with style.

Novuskin Facial Serum

Let the signs of ageing fade away with this nourishing serum.

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To all the lovely moms, Happy Mother’s Day!

Work Life Balance Tips for Working Moms


The responsibility of raising a family and managing a career is not an easy thing to do.  Working moms as opposed to stay at home moms are said to be more stressed because aside from making sure that the needs of their families are met, they also have career goals to pursue.  Developing a plan, getting more organized and good time management are the keys to success.  All working moms are aiming for a balance between their work and their family.

Here are some tips to help you successfully manage your home and your career:

1)  Have an organizer/planner – There are a lot of things and events that you need to remember. This may be office deadlines; things you need to buy for your kid’s school project; a birthday party to attend too and so on and so forth. Mark your calendar and jot them all down in your planner.  It’s always nice to be organized.

2)  Delegate – This applies not only at work but in your home as well.  If you have relatives living with you or you have househelpers, request them to do some things that needs to be taken cared of at home and remember to give them instructions ahead of time.  Once you’ve done this, follow-up and make sure that the things you have delegated have been done.

3)  Share the load with hubby – Nowadays, the number of “hands-on” Dads are growing.  When it comes to parenting duties, always share the load with your partner.  This comes in handy especially when you’ve got that tight deadline at work and you cannot attend to your kids needs at the moment.

4)  Prepare in advance – If you’ve got school kids, prepare their uniforms, lunch boxes, school bags the night before.  If you are the one cooking family meals, why not cook the meals during weekends when you’ve got more free time and freeze them.  When you do things in advance, you save time and you make yourself less stressed.

5)  Always make a “ME” time – Set aside a free time for yourself every week.  This free time should be spent to pamper yourself, make you relaxed and help you rejuvenate from the tiring demands of your work and your family.  Go to the salon for some makeovers.  Splurge a little during your shopping day.  Move your body and do the Zumba in the gym.  Have a coffee date with your bestie.  Indulge in a relaxing massage at your favorite spa.  Whatever it is, find time to just be you.

6)  Set a date with hubby – Aside from the kids, don’t forget that your hubby needs some loving attention too.  Don’t let that bond and connection fade away.  Always keep that sparkle in your love life.  Find time to go on a date with hubby even just once a week.  You’ll find this really satisfying physically, mentally, socially and most of all, emotionally.  This is also the perfect time to recap what has happened in your week and talk about all your thoughts both at home and work.

7)  Remember your priority – Family First – Even if you are a busy bee at work and it is demanding a lot from you, remember that your family is always your priority.  If an event in the office coincides with your child’s birthday or graduation, which will you choose?  It should be your child’s special occasion.  Make some arrangements with your boss regarding this and let him understand that you wouldn’t want to miss your child’s milestone.

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