Unique Ways to Celebrate Christmas

We are aware that Christmas is mostly celebrated with families and friends at home or in hotels and restaurants.  Normally, big reunions take place where everyone eats, drinks, sing and dance to their hearts’ content.  This year, are you looking for other unique ways to spend this festive season?  RegaloService.com has some brilliant suggestions for you:

  • Organize a community Christmas party – solicit donations from your families and friends and host a Christmas party for the under-privileged families in your community.  This is not just a unique way to celebrate Christmas and share your blessings but also a very meaningful and fulfilling way.
  • Go cultural – Ok. Everyone expects the party to be at your place.  To spice it up, why not pick a country that everyone agrees on and follow the traditions of that country?  Don on their outfit, decorate your house in their style, cook their food, research and carry out what they do during Christmas time.
  • Christmas contributions – Instead of buying and giving gifts to everyone in the clan, everyone should agree to save the money and put it in the Christmas fund. Make sure to assign a trustworthy manager who will handle the funds.  Imagine how much money can be raised through this?  Search and select a charitable institution and donate the pulled funds on Christmas day.  This way, we’re sure that you’ll truly feel the spirit of giving this season.
  • Picnic at the park – Go out and enjoy nature!  Instead of having the party at your place or in a dining establishment, why not celebrate it at the park?  We’ve got lots of beautiful parks in and outside the Metro.  Let each family bring food to share, hold games for the young and old, do the usual exchange gifts and let the kids just have simple and pure fun in the playground.
  • Family concert – Get every family involved!  There should be a director who will prepare the line-up and direct the family concert.  Each family should prepare a song or dance number complete with funky costumes and perform on Christmas day.  You can rent a party venue with stage, hire a host for the night, get a caterer and do the works.  Once all the performances are done, resume to the usual partying, merry making and gift giving.

There you go! We gave you some non-traditional ways to celebrate Christmas. Go ahead and choose the one you think is best.

Wishing you and your family a delightful and meaningful Christmas!