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Summer Fun

Temperature’s rising that’s why we know that summer is officially here. By this time, most students either have graduated or have started their summer vacation. Now, the question is, how do you make this year’s summer better than last year? How do you make it more fun and exciting? Well, allow to guide you and help you have the best summer of your life.

Here’s how:

• Save Mother Earth
First and foremost, do your share in creating a sustainable living in our planet. Join Earth Hour this Saturday, March 29. Together with hundreds of millions of people in 152 countries, turn your lights off for an hour between 8:30pm to 9:30pm (local time). This global environmental movement started in Sydney, Australia 2007 to inform everyone and fight the effects of climate change. For more information, go to

• Put some music into your bones.
Aside from Christmas, summer has the most number of concerts and events in the country. The biggest of which is the Pulp Summer Slam, a gathering of all rock and metal band enthusiasts. This year is its 14th year and 7 international heavy metal bands will be performing on April 26 at Amoranto Stadium in Quezon City, Metro Manila. To know more about this longest running annual metal festival, visit

Well, there are also upcoming concerts in line next month. From local artist like Gary Valenciano’s 30th Anniversary concert to international artists like Lionel Ritchie and Jars of Clay. Check out for tickets and more information.

• Enhance yourself. Attend summer workshops and lessons.
From sports to arts, there’s something out there for you to improve yourself. It’s always good to learn something new because it adds up to our wellbeing and boosts our confidence. We’ve always known about the Milo sports clinics, Bert Lozada’s swimming lessons and CCP Ballet summer workshops. Why not take up a painting class, baking class, business writing workshop, or make-up application lessons? There’s so much to choose from! You only have to decide which one suits your lifestyle.

• Travel. Need we say more?
Summer equals the sun, blue skies, sea and sand. It’s all about exploring nature, sights and places you’ve never been before. Travelling enriches you as a person. When you are in a new place, all your 5 senses are on over drive and it recharges you. But before you jump into international shores, why not explore and dive in our own beautiful beaches? Backpacking Pilipinas has rounded off some lesser-known but equally pristine and not so commercialized beaches in our country. Check it out here:

• Enrich your spirituality.
Holy Week is coming soon. Have you prepared for His coming? There are more ways than one to do this. If you have an iPad or a tablet, why not download YouVersion’s Holy Bible and feed your soul with His words? Take this time as well to go on a spiritual retreat. Sometimes, we are caught up with the hustle and bustle of life that we tend to forget to enrich our soul. During holy week, attend the various services and masses that are being held by your local church. You can also do the “Visita Iglesia,” visit 7 or 14 different churches in your area and say the Stations of the Cross. Whatever spiritual activity you undertake, do it with your whole heart and soul. Rest assured that you’d come out revived, ready to take on life’s punches that will come your way.

• Do something for your community.
As they say, it’s always good to share your blessings. Therefore, make this summer more meaningful by joining outreach programs or becoming a volunteer or missionary. There are various organizations out there that have lots of outreach programs ongoing the likes of Philippine Red Cross, World Vision, Gawad Kalinga, Pearl Project, Haribon Foundation, etc. Simply consult Mr. Google and choose which organization is closer to home.

Have you decided which activity to do? Well, doing all of the above will guarantee you a more fun and more exciting summer this 2014.


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